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Which America Do We Want?

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What is Joe Biden’s vision of America’s future?
If is one in which the sea of anger on the other side of that ledge is no longer rising.
What is Donald Trump’s vision of the future?
One in which the tide of fear and anger covers everything.

Why must the Confederate banner come down?
 Because it is the battle flag of white cowards,
 And those angry that white privilege is ending

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By Douglas A. Blackmon When I was a Boy Scout in Leland, Mississippi, my patrol in Troop 42 called itself “the Rebels” during 1976. I still have locked in a trunk somewhere little wooden blocks I painted with the names of each scout imposed over a crude image of the Confederate battle flag–a wall decoration […]

A Race of Whiners and Deniers

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Nicholas Kristof gets it right in his NY Times column today, about how hard it is for us white folks in America to admit what enormous advantages we were born with because of the abuses of the ancestors of people who don’t look like us. He is generous to mention my book, in company of superb work by Orlando […]

Is President Obama truly ready to release thousands of prisoners?

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My American Forum Interview With Attorney General Eric H. Holder  by Douglas A. Blackmon Attorney General Eric H. Holder made some remarkable comments to me recently about the inequities of the American system of justice, and strongly suggested that the Obama administration is finally ready to directly address that more than 2.2 million people are incarcerated in […]

The father of one of four little girls killed by KKK bombing in 1963 is finally freed from prison

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Published in The Washington Post, Aug. 29, 2013 by Douglas A. Blackmon One of the first inmates to benefit from the Obama administration’s new, less stringent guidelines on the early release of federal prisoners is the 87-year-old father of one of four African American girls killed in the infamous 1963 church bombing in Birmingham, Ala. […]